Ceramic Pro Exterior Package

ceramic pro packs
Reduce scratches and increase Gloss level. Variety of packages to choose.

Ceramic PRO Interior Package

Interior pack
Full Interior Protection With Ceramic PRO LEATHER, PLASTIC, TEXTILE, TAG

3D High Definition Car Care

3d HD
3DHD Paint Correction HD SPEED Polish HD POXY wax HD Nitro Seal *3D Interior Trim Restore



Why Ace Gt Pte Ltd?

Detailing & our attention to detail, we offer a range of services. From Car Wash, Industrial fallout removals, Paint Restoration, Leather Steam cleaning, Carpet and fabric extraction, interior cleaning, Exterior protections, waxes, sealants, Interior protection/conditioning and many more to suit your requirements.

How are we different from others?

Our products are from Manufacturers and not re-branded or self label like others. We do not use off the shelve products on your rides as we emphasize on Quality of works. Equipment plays an important role for workmanship. As such, we use top quality Germany and Italian tools, Certified calibrated paint thickness gauge, Quality polishing pads, LED lightings, swirl checker, inspection microscope etc…