2.5 Years Later and Still Shiny as Day 1! Posted on 30-Oct-2015 spacer Overall Rating: Technical Expertise5/5Customer Service5/5Value for money5/5Outlet Experience5/5 Just went for my yearly maintenance yesterday. After 2.5 years, the paint still looks as good as the day George did his magic on my car. Every visit to George's workshop is an aesthetically-pleasing and thrilling experience as you see him and his team fussing over your car with dedication and professionalism. What I like about George is that he will never hard-sell to you on products and services that you don't need. Unlike many others service providers that I have experienced, George will only recommend you products and services that is in your best interests and that of your car. For example, I overheard a customer wanting to do a Ceramic Pro 9H package for his new car and then wrapped it in clear film but George advised him not to waste money and to consider doing either and not both. I have lost count on the number of times I have been to George's workshop for maintenance, car washes, polishing etc. But what amazes me is the unbelievable consistency he and his team applies in their effort to make sure the cars under their charge are in tip top condition when they leave his doors. Through my interactions with him, I came to the understanding that to George, there is no difference between a customer who owns a BMW or a Honda, all are his privileged customers and deserve his full commitment and devotion to their prized possessions. As some of the other customers have mentioned, he prides himself on the quality of his workmanship and does not believe in shoddy work. While it may be inconvenient at times due to his location and packed schedule, I would trust no other guy with my beloved car. Thank you for your friendship and dedication in looking after my car, George.