Joined: 16 April 2013 Posts: 23 Ceramic Pro lasts long, and if you work out the Price/Years, it is worth it as investment. I used it for my old Vios and now for my second car also. And because the water beading is so good, I just need to wipe off the water after a rainy day. Used to wash car every week but now, maybe 2 or 3 times per month. Saving $8-10 per month = $100 per year Having a protective coat is like having good skin and not wasting time and effort on make-up (waxing is a cover-up for scratches) Every wax job is about $50 and if you wax every month, that is $600 per year. That is why when seen in broader light, coating is not expensive at all especially when you see how George comes with his equipment and also, good to support fellow Singaporean. You pay for what you get lah. FYI this is how shiny it looks in daylight without rain. Usually dark grey cars dont shine. But mine shines more than when I collected from VW. http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2688098-cs2-vs-ceramic-pro-9h/?p=5196349