Valuable Experience Posted on 20-Oct-2015 spacer Overall Rating: Technical Expertise5/5Customer Service5/5Value for money4/5Outlet Experience5/5 Owner of the ACE GT is friendly and helpful, worker at ACE GT is friendly too. The boss treat them well and worker will reflect the workmanship on your car. Indeed, ACE GT has a good product with a good team of worker will bring superior level on service & Workmanship. It was a recommendation from my wife's friend. I found that it is a good learning experience on the car paint. After the purchase the ACE Extreme package. I can see the difference on after and before using their package. Technical Expertise is excellent on know how to solving your problem, customer service is excellent, outlet experience as boss manages well the place is excellent clean and nice. Mr. George is honesty man and it is hard to get a honest sales person selling product and tell you the Pro & Con at the same time. Mostly, you can heard the Pros only. Keep up your good job, Well done. Cheers.