A must-have coating for your beloved car! Posted on 21-Oct-2015 spacer Overall Rating: Technical Expertise5/5Customer Service5/5Value for money4/5Outlet Experience5/5 Brought my car to George on Nov 2014 as soon as I received my car keys. His coating has good review and really performed well. His staff were meticulous. George can always advise what is needed for the car and not oversell. After coating, all I did was just to wash with water and shampoo. After 11mo, my car is still shiny, without any polishing and waxing. Makes washing car a breeze too. Worked in Tuas and the coating really protected against shallow scratches so it won't damage the paint, bird sh*t can be washed away easily. Just had the yearly maintenance done, and some shallow scratches were removed, car looks like new again! Definitely a must-have for the cars we all love. Nick - mazda 6 - http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant_reviews.php?MID=14096